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The Challenge


Soundseed is a San Diego based start-up company that wanted to build a web app that connects content creators to their environment.

The Challenge

The founders of this new app had enlisted my services in order to ensure that the Minimum Viable Product was easy to use and pleasant. As the fifth member of the team, I took lead of the User Experience and Design. We hoped that this web app would have lots of daily users and create a meaningful connection between artists and consumers. Read on to find out what happened!


Our Approach

User Flows

Startups have the potential to accomplish great things and provide solutions for some of the world’s problems. Since the world is our oyster, I encouraged the founders to really think about which problems they wanted to tackle. Describing the app to other people was only a fraction of the battle, what will users actually accomplish on the mobile app? After some of my guidance, the founders were able to narrow down the User’s tasks.

  • Finding an Event using a Map
  • Finding an Event through Browsing
  • Experiencing an Event
  • Creating an Event

Now that I knew the tasks they wanted to focus on, I could create User Flows. These flows would detail the steps that needed to be taken in order to complete a task. soundseed soundseed soundseed soundseed

Information Architecture

Next, I suggested that they have an Information Architecture in order to organize the navigation and content in a clear and concise manner. So often we want to skip to the design but overlook the importance of a content strategy. I created a simple Information Architecture with the user flows in mind. Being the UX expert of the team, everyone relied on me as a source of knowledge for everything regarding User Experience. I had a great time introducing these methods and explaining their purpose.



I was really excited to jump into wireframes because it involved a lot of creativity. Since we were essentially trying to build an app that has never been done before, I definitely had a lot of fun during this stage. I created low-fidelity wireframes using Balsamiq to visually guide the developers on building the API and data layers. I mainly gathered feedback from my friends and made multiple iterations. It would’ve been cool to have a Venture Capitalist invest in this idea so that the money could’ve gone towards user research. I wanted to test my wireframes with users from the target demographics for this app. Those users were Millenials, Music artists, and Recording Labels.

soundseed soundseed soundseed


For better or for worse, the Founders decided to pivot so we had to scratch everything that I’ve done so far. Regardless, I still gained valuable experience in working with a Startup. It’s definitely challenging but also exciting.


The startup has been in limbo. During this time, I was also watching Silicon Valley and found the show very relatable!